sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

Once upon time*...

... Mullah Nasrudin was invited to a banquet at the residence of the Caliph. In the vestibule among all the lavish adornments there was a magnificently adorned mirror. Not being accustomed to have mirrors in his home, Mullah Nasrudin caught himself in it as he passed, and thought, 'I wonder who the guy in... the funny looking turban was in the vestibule'. He then realized that it was probably another Mullah who was an intimate of the Caliph. This perturbed him greatly, and he decided to question the Caliph about it. A heated discussion ensued, in which the Mullah insisted on the need for a sole source of spiritual guidance for the sovereign. This resulted in the Mullah and his funny looking turban being unceremoniously dumped from the premises. Ever since then, the Mullah and his followers, known as Sufis, never were able to gain favor at court again.

* História enviada por Sebastisão Miguel

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